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Personal growth, conscious connections and powerful transformations

The Abundant Women Circle

9-month journey to guide you to queen UP your life!


Join this journey and community of women who are on the path of creating joyful, soul-nourishing and abundant lives!

This is for you, if you are:


feeling ready to call in more abundance, joy and wellbeing into your life?
battling to find friends or a community who ‘get you’ and your mission?
wish you had a circle of women awakening to their higher selves with you?

If so, this is a special, private invitation for you today…
Something I’m SUPER thrilled to share with you.

Image by Heather Shevlin


It All Started

In the last 10 or so years of working with high potential women and girls, I constantly hear them saying:

“I know there is more to life, and I want it!”
“I know I am here on this earth to do big things, and I need the money to match my dreams”
“…I feel alone. I wish I was part of a bigger community of awesome women where we can get together to learn from and inspire each other”
“ It would be so helpful for me to be a part of a community that is on the same wavelength and growth path as me.”


That’s when I realized…

If ever there was a time for women to own their power and come together, it is NOW.


When women prosper, it pours out in blessings to those around them. Through the holistic advancement of women, we get to uplift the human race and make the world a better place!

I know firsthand, that when women invest in themselves, surround themselves with other powerhouse women, and share their journey, they go further in life.

And I want to share this with more women!

Image by Thea Hdc

Meet the empoweress

If we haven't met yet...

Hi, I’m Ezlyn Olivia Barends (aka Ez)
I’m a business women, social entrepreneur and self-mastery coach.


As a passionate female empoweress, I’ve spent over 10 years helping high potential females who are feeling stuck to self-heal, reclaim their power and live abundantly well. I guide rising visionary women to curate their lives to experience more purpose, impact, freedom and prosperity.

As a women with big dreams, for years, I felt alone and isolated on my personal development journey. Having access to the right teachers and community tribes changed my life and now I share the teachings and experiences with others helping them to experience more ease, flow and grace while cultivating a deeper connection and appreciation of their truest selves and their divine mission.

I am passionate about the intersections where ancient wisdom and modern science meet, and so I supports my clients to do the inner alchemy to create a rich abundant lifestyle of holistic empowerment and wellbeing. Through feedback throughout the years, I’ve realized that many women want to live a great life but don’t know where to start….

What are you waiting for?


The Abundant Women Circle, a 9-month personal transformation journey and community to awaken to your higher self and queen UP your life. In this programme, you will get exclusive access to live interactive workshops and resources from top Empowerment & Transformation mentors. 


Expert Guidance & Mentorship

Having aligned guides and teachers on the abundance path is a must. The right mentors can give us the tools we need to heal our emotional wounds, shift our patterns and step into our true nature. I still have beloved teachers and mentors and always will.



Your inner guidance system is your personal compass leading you to what is best for you.This is your intuition, your clarity, confidence and self-trust. As much as we need teachers, we all have an inner guide within us which is to be trusted above all else. In this programme, you will learn how to strengthen your intuition to make decisions from your soul.


Connection & Community

One of our basic human needs is to belong. It’s important for us to feel like we are a part of something. Especially on the growth path, it can be so lonely when we’re surrounded by people who aren’t growing. You deserve a space to be yourself, to grow alongside other like-minded women and to know you belong. Having community that you belong to is deeply healing and transformative.


Image by Heather Shevlin

Each month

Guest Experts Mentors: Live masterclasses from surprise guest experts + mentors

Community Calls: Monthly calls & check-ins to celebrate and grow together. 

Yoga & Meditation Sessions: To her who is calm, the whole world surrenders – Lao Tzu. Virtual yoga and meditation sessions to create a more balanced life view 

Monthly Toolkit: A monthly self-discovery and expansion guide filled with practical information, resources 
and exercises 

Sacred Safe Space: Your private information will be honoured and held with the deepest integrity

Wise Counsel: Collective group wisdom shared with love and compassion

Sisterly Support: Make new friends and get accountability partners to hold you up to your highest vision

Exclusive Discounts to upcoming coaching programmes, retreats and partner offers

Other Goodies and Surprises along the way! 

Lifting as You Rise: When you join this sisterhood programme, 10% of the proceeds goes toward supporting a girls empowerment initiative 

What you'll get


That’s a total value of R10 000 per month

Programme Dates:

We come together live online the first Sunday of every month


What you do today will impact where you are tomorrow.

The Code of the Abundant Woman:


She knows she is here for a purpose

She rests in silence and solitude, receiving divine direction as God speaks
She trusts in the wisdom of her soul and lives a divinely potent life
She embodies sacred riches which stretch deep & wide
She is a channel to bless others
Her blessings never end with her, it flows to her and through her
She nurtures her wellbeing on every level
She dances with life & surrenders into the arms of destiny......

That’s a total value of R10 000 per month


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