The Abundant Women Circle 

Hello Beautiful!!

Woman, YOU have come to the right place. Welcome to this sacred and safe space. This is a community of women committed to creating joyful, soul-nourishing and abundant lives. If ever there was a time for women to own their power, it is NOW. When women prosper, it pours out in blessings to those around them.

This sister’s circle is an intimate environment to open up, offload, learn and grow. It is also constant source of accountability and support ensuring that we as women grow together. This group is facilitated by myself, a women’s empowerment advocate and personal development coach.

Self-growth & expansion requires commitment. As a Gold member of this sisterhood, you will receive:

  1. Community Calls: Monthly live masterclasses and calls & to check-in, celebrate and grow together

  2. Monthly Toolkit: A monthly self-discovery and expansion guide filled with practical information, resources and exercise to heal and develop

  3. Sacred Safe Space: Your private information will be honoured and held with the deepest integrity

  4. Wise Counsel: Collective group wisdom shared with love and compassion

  5. Sisterly Support: Make new friends and get accountability partners to hold you up to your highest vision

  6. Exclusive Discounts to upcoming coaching programmes and retreats

  7. Other Goodies and Surprises along the way!

  8. Lifting as You Rise: When you join this sisterhood as a gold member, you also pay for a less fortunate womxn to join and be a part of this group where we can elevate collectively.

  9. Leaving the Circle: Take what you need. Leave the circle whenever you feel called to without judgement

If you are ready to heal and rise together, join the sisterhood for $35 per month when you sign up before 28 February 2021.