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Living On Purpose: Simone Naidoo- Personal Development Coach

Simone Naidoo is the Founder and CEO of On Purpose where her mission is to develop her clients holistically – mind, body and spirt through personal development coaching. I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful soul just over two years ago and have since always admired how her life is in such alignment with her unique purpose and path. I've seen her first hand, turn down great opportunities because it was not congruent with her plan or vision for her life. I think this is such an essential skill to have, as it is easy to pulled in a million and one directions, especially when we don't know where we are going in life. So, I wanted to share her insights around creating an intentional life and career. Please share with those you think will benefit from this message. Thank you Simone.

EOB: Please tell us a little bit of your personal background and story. Where did you come from and what inspired you to be the person you are today?

SN: I am a soul in this body. Born a mixed race South African girl. I love my country and all the hope, prosperity and opportunity it holds. I grew up with working parents and one younger sister. I went to government schools, excelled in academics due to my parents’ principles and values and the way they brought me up and then went on to study a Masters in financial and risk management at UCT. After two years in corporate, I knew that was not my calling and so I left to start my personal development business, On Purpose. The person that I am today is a product of my parent’s intentions (to better the next generation born free in SA) and my souls’ direct guidance.

EOB: How and when did you discover your purpose?

SN: I discovered my purpose once I began working in corporate. I saw around me all I did not want to become. But the seed had been planted from the age of 14, when I watched the Oprah Winfrey show and they were featuring The Secret. It then dawned on me that I’d been using the law of attraction in my life already and it opened the doorway to spiritual and personal development. How I discovered my exact outer purpose was through seeing a spiritual coach Karuna Parbhoo and a life coach Ashika Singh. These teaches changed the course of my life forever.

EOB: What is your purpose and key passions in life?

SN: My purpose is to help others discover who they are and what their purpose is through being who I am, which is a teacher, speaker and seeker. I am very passionate about teaching individuals to take full responsibility for their self-education, healing and life design. Self-mastery is possible for anyone.

EOB: According to your experience, how does one start embracing a life that is more intentional and driven from the inside out?

SN: One must first know there is an inner world (being still and meditating is the path). Once you know that by making conscious contact with it (experience) you will begin to know yourself. When you learn about who you really are as an inner being (mind and emotions) you’ll connect to your essence that’s connected with the Ultimate Creator and you’ll begin co-creating an intentional life which is in alignment with what life means to you.

EOB: What past experiences and people have helped shape who you are today?

SN: Education is shaped me in the biggest way. My life partner who I’ve known my whole life has been one of my greatest spiritual teachers. He held up a big mirror to my lack of self-love and self-rejection. Also, healing from endometriosis was a big challenge and had many spiritual lessons for me.

EOB: What are your top three habits that contribute to your success?

SN: First is my power hour in the morning before my day begins. I work on my body, mind and spirit. Self-love is my second habit and finally keeping only high quality people in my life.

EOB: Have you ever felt down and out in life and how did you get back up and get your inspiration and motivation back?

SN: Yes! In 2016 my first year of business my business took a huge knock when I was unable to work due to endometriosis and the surgeries I underwent. My emotional and mental state became very low, it was the dark night of my soul. What got me out was the quality of people in my life. My life partner held the vision of my purpose when I want to give up and my friends and family backed in 100%. I kept consistent with seeing my spiritual and life coach and maintained feeding my body and spiritual with positive works even though I felt weak.

EOB: Please can you recommend three books or podcast episodes that was a gamechanger for you?

SN: 2 books and 1 podcast channel. The Richest man in Babylon. The Secret and Super Soul Conversations on Podcast (too many to mention).

EOB: If you could describe yourself in one word, what would that be

SN: Expression

EOB: What’s your one piece of wisdom that you would like to share with the world?

SN: Everyone has a purpose. Your job is to figure it out and you can only do that by knowing who you are.

~ By Ezlyn Olivia Barends ~

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