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Ascend is a  4-part career development group mentorship programme. It supports female professionals to manifest their dream career, level up their lives and powerfully transform from the inside out.

Build a purpose-driven and impactful career with clarity and confidence.


Accelerate your career like a goddess


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What are you waiting for?




Ascend is a group career development mentorship programme that will help you to:


Clarify your dream career and define action steps to get there


Confidently establish your personal brand 


Successfully negotiate your salary or pay increase requests


Explore international work and study opportunities 


Develop relationship-building skills to identify mentors, executive sponsors and coaches to support your ongoing growth

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Who is this for?

This is for you if...

You’re worried about how you will ever get to living your dream life with the little you earn

You’re tired of feeling empty in your role, no excitement, joy or purpose there

You’ve applied to a million jobs yet still no interview 

You endlessly admire and fantasize about the international holidays everyone else seems to be going on except you

Ascend is for goddesses who are ready to step into their magnetism and reclaim their self-worth through blazing a trail to their own unique divine path. This program is for female professionals who are tired of settling for careers and a life that is below what they know they are capable of. 


Goddess, are you ready?

I cannot wait to work with you

Hello! I’m Ezlyn Olivia Barends (aka Ez). I’m a businesswomen and self-mastery coach.

In 2011, I started an influential mentoring organisation that has empowered hundreds of young women across multiple cities in South Africa.

This effort was recognised by the Mail & Guardian when they named me as one of the Top 200 Young South Africans to watch as well as being acknowledged as one of FastCompany SA’s Top Creative People in Business.


I pride myself in being a dynamic visionary and self-starter. With just over 13 years professional experience, I’ve worked with and for a number of Fortune 500 companies, and have been featured in a wide range of local and international media including Financial Times, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Elle.

I am super passionate about making an impact wherever I go and as such, am called to inspire and coach others to live intentional & influential lives too.

Academically, I have an international MBA which I gained in the UK and am also certified in numerous personal mastery modalities.

MOST importantly, I can’t wait to work with you!!!


This 4-part group coaching course helps female professionals to kick start and accelerate their careers using mindset, energetic and business principles, skills, tools and resources that will help to set them up for success.


Powerless to Powerful

In the first session, we will focus on shifting the mindset and belief system to transition you from feeling powerless to powerful.


This is key to unlocking your greater self and commanding your best career and life. Together, we will assess your current career reality and identify the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.


We will then design your dream career and develop a plan to take aligned strides to your desired destination. A key focus of this session is to help you reclaim your power and build your self-belief, confidence and power which is THE game changer for getting what you want in life.


Personal Branding & Energetics

Your personal brand and energy is your unique currency. To get paid your worth, you need to know, own and communicate your essence.


In this session, you will be taken through a process to outline your brand identity and leverage it build beneficial relationships and networks.


You will learn how to be more visible and how to how to balance, clear and ground your energy so you can attract great opportunities. By the end of the session, you should have gained a better understanding and confidence in your personal brand and how to leverage it for your continued success.


Money Mindset & Energetics

Let’s talk money honey! This session will be focused on how to transform limiting and negative beliefs around money to empowering beliefs on money that will help open you up to your next level of income.


This is the part where we also tackle salary and pay increase negotiations so that you are prepared to confidently and graciously communicate your expectations.


We will also discuss money management tools, hacks and habits to ensure that you can create and build wealth from which ever stage you are at.


Building a Purpose-Driven Career

This stage of the series is designed to elevate what you have learnt and developed to ensure that you develop a meaningful career path.


This part of the series will comprise of identifying your purpose and how you can build a significant career. The desired outcome of this part of the program is to help you build an inspiring career path where you can feel happy and fulfilled.


We will also delve into exploring international work and study opportunities that will help you expand your impact and ability to be a powerful force for good in the world.


Programme Dates: 

1 November 2022 - 29 November 2022

Tuesday evening 

Time: 7pm-8.30pm CAT Time 


What you do today will impact where you are tomorrow.


You'll Get

Here’s all the love and upliftment bundled together to support your career growth:


4X weekly career development training sessions to level up your career
4X weekly business and leadership group coaching sessions 
4X Career Development Worksheets and Toolkits 

1X Bonus Q&A Session
Private community of driven female professionals 
Ongoing coaching support through quarterly Q&A live sessions 



$997 (International)

R10 ooo (SA Residents)

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