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Hello Beautifuls,


I'm Ez, an abundance and soul-purpose mentor for women who know they are here to be a powerful force of good in the world.


I've created mentorship programmes that have empowered hundreds of high-potential females who are feeling stuck, to self-heal, reclaim their power and live abundantly well.


I guide rising visionary women to curate their lives to experience more ease and flow, while cultivating a deeper connection to their truest selves and divine mission.


As a  female empoweress, I am passionate about the intersections where ancient wisdom and modern science meet, and so I  support my clients to do the inner alchemy to create a rich abundant lifestyle of holistic empowerment and wellbeing.


I've been featured in a wide range of local and international media such as the Financial Times, Fast Company, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, for my innovative and spiritual approaches to women's advancement and success. 


I wholeheartedly believe in you and your unique purpose- and it's my mission to support you to rise into the fullness of who you came here to be!

They call me the
Queen of the Up-Level

Awards & Accolades

  • ​Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans

  • Mercedes Benz South Africa’s 21 Icons

  • Top 20 Inspiring South Africans

  • FastCompanySA – 100 Most Creative People in Business

  • Spark International Cape Town Changemaker of the Year

  • Top 50 South African Business Women to Watch

  • Superbalist Top 100

  • Brightest Young Minds

  • Gauteng Women of Excellence

  • Cosmopolitan Awesome Women

  • Marie Claire 2017 Future Shapers

  • 2019 Inspiring Fifty

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Sparkling Sand

Some secrets revealed...


Libra Sun, Scorpio Rising, Taurus Moon

Human Design:


Myers Briggs:


Crystal of Choice:

Citrine & Amethyst 


Essential Oil of Choice:

Frankincense + Vetiver

Current Location:

Cape Town, South Africa

Grateful For:

Loved ones + Memorable Experiences

Sparkling Sand

When I'm not empowering queens, I am...

Pampering myself to spa days

Mixing inspiring deep house music and curating magical playlists

Globe-trotting across the world

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Rise With Me



Are you ready to unlock your potential?

Life Activation is a 1.5 - 2 hour  transformative ancient healing that activates your dormant DNA. Connect with your Higher Self and life purpose. Improve your resilience, energy and joy.



Accelerate your career like a goddess. 

Build a purpose-driven and impactful career with clarity and confidence

A 4-part career development group mentorship programme to support female professionals to manifest their dream career, level up their lives and powerfully transform from the inside out.

The Abundant Women Circle

Personal Growth & Conscious connections and powerful transformations.

Live interactive workshops and resources from top empowerment and transformation mentors.

The circle is a 9-month journey with a community of inspiring women. We tap into the power of the collective to help each individual to awaken their higher selves and to QUEEN UP their lives.

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