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About Me




Thank you for visiting my website today to learn how to Prosper with Purpose. By way of introduction, I am a business woman, social entrepreneur and personal development coach. As someone completely OBSESSED with living a rich, meaningful life, I inspire and coach individuals to connect to their true calling, unlock their greatness and create lives that they love.

Before I started investing in my own personal development, I was filled with self-doubt, had a lack of self- confidence and people pleased ALL the time, which lead to self-sabotaging, working in jobs I didn’t enjoy and entertaining toxic relationships. Yet when I decided to make a drastic change and invest in myself, it completely changed me and changed my life. This led to me having a healthy self-esteem & self-belief, founding an award-winning mentorship organization, being named M&G Top 200 Young South Africans to watch and many other great accolades, speaking at international conferences & events, working for two of the world’s most influential global giants of all times, traveling the world and so much more. Now I help others create their new best selves and best lives. I am absolutely passionate about helping other people shatter their own glass ceilings and become more than they ever dreamed of.


Professionally, I have over 13 years business experience spanning strategic planning, marketing, key account management and business development. I have an International MBA which I gained in the UK, a certificate in Impact Investing from Oxford University and as a coach, I am trained in the area of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), emotional freedom technique (EFT) and energy healing.


Awards & Accolades

  • Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans

  • Mercedes Benz South Africa’s 21 Icons

  • Top 20 Inspiring South Africans

  • FastCompanySA – 100 Most Creative People in Business

  • Spark International Cape Town Changemaker of the Year

  • Top 50 South African Business Women to Watch (Entrepreneur mag)

  • Superbalist Top 100

  • Brightest Young Minds

  • Gauteng Women of Excellence

  • Cosmopolitan Awesome Women

  • Marie Claire 2017 Future Shapers

When you get, give. When you learn, teach.

Maya Angelou

Ezlyn Olivia Barends is a sought-after inspiring speaker. Her core message; that you can prosper with purpose and use your empowerment to serve others, has helped local and international audiences to take ownership of their lives, make a difference and unlock their true potential. Her events are highly inspiring & empowering, motivating the audience to take action and design a life that they love.


Some of Ezlyn’s favourite topics to speak on include living with purpose, leading with confidence, building a life you love, the power of mentorship, social entrepreneurship & philanthropy.


As a leading figure in the education, social entrepreneurship and personal development space, Ezlyn has spoken at numerous high-profile local and international events, including:


  • Financial Times, Barclays Conference: The future of young leaders in shaping business

  • BEA Institute: Transformative Leadership: Leading Yourself and Others to Greatness

  • NextGen Leadership Conference: Doing Something That Matters: How to Incorporate Giving into Your Daily Living

  • World Youth Forum – Shaping Future Leaders

  • Orms Women’s Day- Navigating Your Professional Life with Purpose

  • Change the Platform: The Power of Mentorship

  • Enke: Make Your Mark - Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Young Leaders Connect – Value-Based Leadership

  • Young Leaders Connect - Taking Charge of Change

  • Various Universities-  Unlocking Greatness Within


Ezlyn has spent over eight years creating and facilitating personal development programmes. She offers one-on-one private coaching and group coaching to unleash one’s greatness. Her coaching style is dynamic, inspiring and empowering. Ezlyn coaches on a range of topics including:


  • Connecting to Your Purpose

  • Creating an Extraordinary Life

  • Living Abundantly Well

  • Becoming Your Best Self

  • Courage and Releasing Fears

  • Developing a Growth Mindset

  • Unlocking Your Greatness

  • Intentional Living


The gift of giving is a gift that you give to yourself

~ Robin Sharma

I believe that helping others and giving back is a powerful channel to find your true purpose and calling in life and hence it is an important part of my life and my coaching style. Here are some of the key initiatives I support:

Dad Fund Logo.png

The DreamGirls Academy is a dynamic education, empowerment and mentorship organisation for underserved teen girls and young women. Established in Johannesburg on 6 November 2011 by a group of young black females, the organisation focuses on encouraging, supporting and inspiring these young women to upskill themselves, fulfill their potential and become positive change agents and trailblazers. 50% of the young women that we work with live on social grants and are the first in their families to break the cycle of poverty through their education and empowerment. By donating to this cause, we help positively shape the future of a young girl and in so doing, impact the trajectory of her entire family’s lives.

Mathemaniacs provides Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) educational programmes for youth with the aim of changing the face of education in Africa and encouraging more interest in these career fields.

The Dad Fund is a non-profit organization that promotes the holistic development of South Africa’s future leaders through the head, hand and heart. The Dad Fund believes that every person has the ability to make a success of their lives. It takes the right kind of support and guidance to tap into a person’s potential. The Dad Fund offers educational support and skills training, internship and entrepreneurship opportunities and community-based give back projects.

Global Tribe is an experiential travel company for positive change makers and trailblazers. The organisation believes in broadening the horizons and educating youth through exposing them to different countries, cultures, food, ideas, philosophies and so forth. By donating to Global Tribe, we are able to take underprivileged youth and give them the educational gift of travel.

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